Caged - Le prede umane

a.k.a. Caged Women In Purgatory

directed by Leandro Lucchetti (Giovanni Simonelli)

Cast: Pilar Orive, Isabel Lissobart, Elena Wiedermann, Christian Lorenz, Ronald Russo, Aldo Sambrell, Catia Castello Branco, Rita Paospero, Ezilda Coelho, Edith Fernandes


Former Miss Spanish Basque Country, Pilar Orive, stars as American Janet Cooper who is drugged and shipped to a remote women's prison managed by a sleazy warden and a Nazi-type lesbian guard. If your looking for a W.I.P. film with tons of women involved in extended sex scenes, this is the one. I've seen four different versions of the shortest running at 82 minutes and the longest running at 102 minutes. If you can find the uncut version, grab it. For this print includes an extended scene of one of the most brilliantly exploitive ideas I have witnessed in a W.I.P. film. Two women are stripped and thrown into cliff side cell to bake in the sun. Their only way to rehydrate? Why by licking the gleaming sweat of their naked bodies.

The raincoat crowd should rejoice. You know who you are.